Class Dates & Registration

Below you will find a listing of our upcoming classes. If registration for a class is full, you will get a message that says that the form is no longer taking submissions. If you have any issues with registration, or would like to be added to our waiting list, please call the office at (334) 265-0501.

ACI Level 1 Field Testing

BirminghamDecember 8-9, 2021ALDOTRegister
Muscle ShoalsJanuary 12-13, 2022ALDOTRegister
BirminghamFebruary 9-10, 2022ALDOTRegister
TuscaloosaMarch 2-3, 2022ALDOTRegister
GuntersvilleMarch 9-10, 2022ALDOTRegister
Alex CityApril 6-7, 2022ALDOTRegister
MobileApril 12-13, 2022ALDOTRegister
MontgomeryMay 11-12, 2022ALDOTRegister
TroyJune 15-16, 2022ALDOTRegister
Grove HillAugust 3-4, 2022ALDOTRegister
BirminghamSeptember 21-22, 2022ALDOTRegister
MobileOctober 18-19, 2022ALDOTRegister
BirminghamNovember 2-3, 2022ALDOTRegister
MontgomeryNovember 16-17, 2022ALDOTRegister
BirminghamDecember 7-8, 2022ALDOTRegister

Precast Concrete Certification

MontgomeryFebruary 23, 2022ALDOTRegister
MontgomeryNovember 2, 2022ALDOTRegister

Aggregate Testing Technician

CaleraSeptember 14-15, 2022Vulcan MaterialsRegister

ACI Strength

MontgomeryFebruary 2, 2022ALDOTRegister
MontgomeryMay 25, 2022ALDOTRegister
BirminghamNovember 9, 2022ALDOTRegister

Concrete Special Inspector

There are currently no dates scheduled for this class. Please contact our office should you need certification as Concrete Special Inspector, 334.265.0501.

Remit Payment to:

Alabama Concrete Industries Association 1745 Platt Place Montgomery, AL 36117

American with Disabilities Act Policy

Performing the performance section of the ACI exams requires physical activity. If you cannot perform the test due to a disability, you must submit documentation supporting your ADA claim by a doctor. This information must be provided to the Alabama Concrete Industries Association at least two weeks in advance. The Alabama Concrete Industries Association will then forward this information to the American Concrete Institute for an approval process and a remedy to meet the performance exam requirements. Individuals with temporary injuries are not covered under the ADA. They should reschedule for a future exam session and are required to provide a Doctor’s note clearing them for participation.