Concrete Special Inspector

This is a three day program that will consist of two classroom days followed by a written test three weeks later.


The program requires a working knowledge of the following ACI Standards:

  • SP-2 – Manual of Concrete Inspection
  • 116R – Cement and Concrete Terminology
  • 117 – Tolerances for Concrete Construction and Materials
  • 301 – Specifications for Structural Concrete
  • 302.1R – Floor and Slab Construction
  • 304R – Measuring, Mixing, Transporting and Placing Concrete
  • 304.2R – Placing Concrete by Pumping Methods
  • 304.5R – Batching, Mixing, and Job Control of Lightweight Concrete
  • 305R – Hot Weather Concreting
  • 306R – Cold Weather Concreting
  • 308 – Curing Concrete
  • 309R – Consolidation of Concrete
  • 311.4R – Guide for Concrete Inspection
  • 318 – Building Code Requirements for Reinforced Concrete
  • 347R – Formwork for Concrete
  • 311.4R – Guide for Concrete Inspection


ACI will grant certification only to those applicants who meet both of the following requirements:

  • Hold current certification as an ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician – Grade I;
  • Obtain a passing grade on the written inspection examination;
  • Obtain a passing grade on the written plans reading examination;
  • Possess at least one of the following qualifications:
    • A.B.S. degree in Civil Engineering, Civil Engineering Technology, Engineering Technology, Construction Engineering or Construction Engineering Technology from a program accredited by ABET (aka Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology), including courses in concrete materials, design or construction), plus six months satisfactory work experience, or
    • A.B.S. degree in an engineering program plus one year of satisfactory work experience, or
    • A Minimum of two years of college or technical school, earning at least 60 credit hours, plus two years of satisfactory work experience, or
    • A high school diploma, or equivalent, plus a minimum of three years of satisfactory work experience, or
    • Five years of satisfactory work experience. The work experience must include:
      • Decision making authority and responsibility
      • Verification of compliance with plans, specifications, and codes
      • Evaluation of concrete construction in the field
      • Documentation and reporting of inspection results
      • Proficiency in appropriate areas of concrete construction inspection. Verification of the amount and range of work experience by the applicant’s employer(s) is required.

The three-hour written inspection examination is “open book” and consists of approximately 80 multiple choice questions. The one-hour plans reading examination consists of approximately 20 questions and is designed to test the examinee’s ability to read and understand engineering drawings. The minimum passing grade for each examination is 70%.

Recertification is necessary every five (5) years, and requires successful completion of both the written and performance examinations


Students will utilize the Inspector Reference Package.

What do you need for class?

Students will need their manual, pencil and calculator in class.