Certification Classes

The Alabama Concrete Industries Association is proud to offer certification in five different classes. If you do not see a class listed that you are seeking for certification contact us and we will gladly help you. Please review the class listing and all information before proceeding your registration. The registration form must be submitted electronically to the ACIA office. If you have any questions, please contact Rebecca Lindsay at 334-265-0501.


All certification programs will be held in the training rooms at the ALDOT division offices. The classes will begin at 8am and conclude by 5pm. You may find the address of your class here.

Americans With Disabilities Act Policy

Performing the performance section of the ACI exams requires physical activity. If you cannot perform the test due to a disability, you must submit documentation supporting your ADA claim by a doctor. This information must be provided to the Alabama Concrete Industries Association at least two weeks in advance. The Alabama Concrete Industries Association will then forward this information to the American Concrete Institute for an approval process and a remedy to meet the performance exam requirements. Individuals with temporary injuries are not covered under the ADA. They should reschedule for a future exam session and are required to provide a Doctor’s note clearing them for participation.