Brad Christopher receives 2024 Chairman Award

Each year, the Alabama Concrete Industries Association presents the Chairman’s Award to an outstanding leader in the concrete industry. Brad Christopher with LBYD is this year’s recipient.

Brad spent his adult life designing some of the most recognizable buildings in Alabama, but his career in the construction industry started at a much humbler location. He got his start observing the day-to-day activities at his father Jim Christopher’s ready mix plant.

Jim was the owner of Metro Concrete in Montgomery and like many fathers introduced his son to the industry by having him assist at the plant when not in school.

While Brad spent a great deal of his teenage years learning to appreciate concrete, he felt his skills might be better used designing with concrete than batching the material.

He was always interested in engineering, so he began his education at AUM before transferring to Auburn University where he graduated with a degree in Structural Engineering. After completing his undergraduate degree, Brad chose to stay at Auburn to complete his master’s degree also focused on structural engineering.

While he is now removed from the concrete industry, Brad reflects on the lessons he learned from his years at the concrete plant and how they still impact him today. Brad said his father’s hard work ethic and putting in long hours at the plant taught him the importance of giving it your all every day.

He also he learned a great deal about how to treat people by observing the way his father treated people, which was with kindness and respect.

Brad’s hard work has paid off, and he has had a very successful 30-year career at LBYD and is one of the most respected structural engineers in our state. He has held numerous positions at the firm, and currently serves as president. He has been involved with nearly 500 projects across the southeast including thousands of yards of concrete.

He has plenty of notable projects under his belt, but two that stick out as favorites are the McWayne Center here in Birmingham, and the Jordan Hare South End Zone video board.
When Brad is not designing projects across the southeast, he gives back by serving in volunteer roles for the Auburn University’s Engineering Alumni Council, the American Concrete Institute, the International Code Council, Inc., and the Structural Engineers Association of Alabama.

He’s also served on Auburn University’s Civil Engineering Advisory Board. Finally, he assists with the senior civil engineering design class at Auburn.

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