2021 Environmental and Safety Award Recipients recognized at Annual Business Meeting

The Environmental Excellence Award is presented annually to a ready mix producer plant that has best demonstrated environmental excellence and innovative management. This year we are pleased to present Sherman Industries’ Tarrant, Alabama ready mix plant with this coveted award.

The Tarrant location is a new ready-mix plant that became operational after significant work on‐site and within the community over the last 2 years. The location is an ADEM Brownfield site.

It incorporates some of the very best standards in housekeeping, beautification, and landscaping. The plant is equipped with a state-of-the art high-capacity dust collector, a massive concrete weir system to capture process water and separate ponds to capture storm water. The plant also features significant amounts of concrete pavement on site to minimize dust.

Building a plant to meet environmental standards is one thing. Continuously operating under the standards requires significant oversight. Sherman achieves these high standards by utilizing not only in house oversight but monthly monitoring by third party companies.

The Tarrant plant raises the standard of ready-mix plants across the state and sets a bar all new plants should hope to equal. Please join me in congratulating Sherman Industries and their new Tarrant plant for winning the 2021 Environmental Award.

2021 Safety Award

When it comes to safety, Bayou Concrete leaves no stone unturned. The leadership of the company takes the safety of its employees to heart. Through clear communication with company leaders holding annual safety meetings and continually looking for ways to invest in the safety of each employee through new technology, Bayou views safety as an investment while encouraging each employee to make a difference.

The company holds annual safety training for OSHA on a weekly basis. Along with this are job site analysis reports where employees are encouraged to identify any potential hazards on the job. Each employee is also given a copy of the Stop Work Policy, so they clearly understand if something is unsafe, and they have the full support of the leadership to stop the job until a safer alternative can be found.

New MTOs must spend time with a certified driver trainer for a minimum of four weeks and complete an extensive check off list ensuring they understand how to operate the mixer truck in a safe, professional manner.

Each Mixer Truck is also equipped with Drivecam, which helps identify any bad habits and gives a chance to coach the individual driver before an accident occurs.

The company has invested in ladderless trucks and automatic washdown systems in some areas to reduce climbing when possible. 

By implementing these safety protocols, Bayou has significantly reduced the number and severity of accidents within the company and is able to reward their employees with incentives.

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