Benefits of Being a Member

Government and Regulatory

Legislative Reporting

The ACIA provides weekly updates on legislative happenings while the Legislature is in session.

Regulatory Monitoring and Involvement

The ACIA actively works with ADEM related to the general permit process and environmental issues of the concrete industry.

Public Safety

The ACIA assists the membership when problems associated with weight tickets and hours of service arise.

ALDOT Interface

The ACIA provides a forum for members to meet with ALDOT staff and leadership related to specifications which affect members. We also intercede on behalf of members when the company encounters problems on ALDOT projects.

Marketing of Products and Education for Specifiers

Marketing of Member’s Products

The ACIA has developed strong relationships with architects and engineers and develops programs to help ensure concrete is in front of decision makers. Current programs include ConcreteWorks, box lunch seminars, memberships in specifier organizations, and ongoing educational seminars.

Staff Technical Director

Technical Expertise

The ACIA employs technical services director Gene Hightower to assist in concrete problems of members or develop mix designs for the membership. This service is provided at no cost compared to the high cost of outside engineering firms.

Technical Resource Library

Specification Resource

The association regularly provides members and specifiers with copies of technical standards applicable to concrete at no charge.

Education to Membership

Educational Seminars for Membership

The association provides ongoing programs to membership in person and through webinars on timely issues.