Trendlines Statewide Monthly Construction Data April 2018

Cement shipment data recently released by the United States Geological Service for January 2018, shows tonnage to the state grew for the seventh consecutive month. The 84,753 tons shipped to the state represents over a 11% increase compared to January 2017 and the largest volume in five years for the month. With the unseasonably cold and wet January, we had anticipated a contraction for the month. Periodically the tonnage numbers are revised or a reduction in February might be forth coming.

Ready Mix Yardage Sees Uptick

Utilizing the cement shipments and the NRMCA conversation factor for ready mix yardage, 313,840 cubic yards of concrete were poured for the month. The yardage nearly equaled the 321,004 placed during the month of December. The yardage contracted by 2.3% from the December totals. Most ACIA members are reporting they are busy and we are seeing drivers needed signs at many plants. Most members are also looking at adding or replacing aging trucks which represents a positive sentiment among management.

Trendlines April 2018

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