Trendlines Statewide Construction Data November 2017

Cement Shipments Rise in August

Cement shipments in the state are estimated to be 99,579 tons for August 2017 based on data recently released by the United States Geological Service. The tonnage equates to a 1.08% increase over the 98,391 tons for August 2016. Alabama has seen growth over the previous year for two consecutive months after a string of 3 months of contraction. The 99,579 tons are the second largest tonnage for the year and an increase of 6.4% over July totals. After eight months, 733,883 tons have been shipped to the state.

Ready Mix Estimates Increase but Still Lag 2016

Utilizing cement shipments supplied by the USGS and the NRMCA conversion factor, it is estimated that 368,741 cubic yards were placed during August 2017. This represents 23,270 more yards than July 2017. During the first 8 months of the year, the state’s yardage is lagging 2016 totals by nearly 2 percent.

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