Trendlines Statewide Construction Data January 2018

Cement Shipments Increase Again in October

Cement shipments to Alabama increased for the fourth consecutive month in October. The four month increase comes on the heels of the state seeing three months of contraction from April through June. While it is impossible to predict the exact cause, the pent up demand from a very wet summer appears to be increasing cement and concrete usage this fall. According to USGS reports, 111,162 metric tons were shipped to Alabama facilities during the month of October. The total represents the largest shipment in the previous 4 years. The tonnage represents a 13% increase over October 2016 and a 8.9% increase over September 2016.

Ready Mix Production Tops 400,000 Cubic Yards

Ready mix production based on USGS cement shipments grew to over 400,000 cubic yards in October. The 412,111 cubic yards is the largest yardages the state has seen since the association began producing Trendlines on a monthly basis. The last time volumes approached 400,000 yards was the 390,112 cubic yards produced in May 2016.

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