Update on Weighmaster Requirements

During the past year, we have received a number of questions regarding weighmaster requirements at ready mix plants. Since 2005, the Alabama Department of Agriculture has required all companies who use scales to have a designated weighmaster registered with the state and have a $1000 performance bond for the individual. During the 2012 Legislative Session, we were successful in removing the bonding requirement for weighmasters. However, plants are still required to have an individual who is the designated weighmaster.

Registration must be done on a yearly basis and must include a payment of $20 dollars. Ready mix plant weighmasters are not required to meet the stamp requirement as our industry keeps an electronic or hard copy record of the material weights on the batch ticket. Furthermore, the Department recognizes ready mix is sold by the cubic yard and not on weight.

To register, you need to complete the two page form below. Directions for the form can be found below the application.

If you have any questions, please contact our office.


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Application Instructions

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