Trendlines Statewide Monthly Construction Data-July 2018

Cement shipments recently released in the United States Geological Service survey show growth month over month for the 10th consecutive time. Shipments for April 2018 grew by 6.72% in comparison to April 2017 which is 17% higher than the 5 year average for the month of April. While the news is positive, the state did see shipments drop by 7.5% in relationship to data released in March of 2018. The state experienced a similar reduction in 2017 and it took 6 months to rise back to the March 2017 numbers. The state experienced a very wet summer in 2017, but that has not been the case this year. Time will tell, but we hope the drop is only an outlier and not the beginning of a trend.

Utilizing the NRMCA conversation factor for ready mix yardage, it is estimated that 395,017 cubic yards were poured during the month of April 2018. Most members of the ACIA are very busy and we are even hearing reports of a 2 to 3 day window before contractors can be put on the schedule.


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