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November Housing Permits up Twelve Percent

Residential building permits issued in Alabama for the first eleven months of the year continued to exceed the totals for 2015. Data provided by the state wide home building association chapters show 2016 outpacing last year by 12%. Examining individual markets, 14 areas are above 2015 totals with 9 markets lagging. In the metropolitan markets, Birmingham and Tuscaloosa are leading the growth with both experiencing an increase of approximately 25%. Montgomery is the slowest metropolitan market with a 10.4% pull back from 2015 totals. The Greater Calhoun County market is leading the state in growth, with 126% more permits issued in 2016 versus 2015.

Cement and Ready Mix Markets Stay Positive

According to data released by the United States Geological Service, 96,673 metric tons of cement were shipped to Alabama production facilities in October. The number represents a growth of 7% over the same month of 2015. Estimated ready mix yardage for the cement total is 358,397 cubic yards. For the year, estimated yardage for the first 10 months of the year is 3,486,421 cubic yards. The total is a 10.7% increase over the same 10 months of 2015.

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