Tim Bryant receives Driver Lifetime Achievement Award

Had the COVID-19 health crisis not forced the cancellation of our Annual Business Meeting last month, the association would have presented our 2020 Awards, including Driver of the Year, Safety Award, Foundation Scholarships, Sam Reed Scholarship, and Outstanding High School Senior Scholarship.

Over the next week, the association will be recognizing the winners for their outstanding achievements. Today, we would like to congratulate Tim Bryant of Webb Concrete for winning the Driver Lifetime Achievement Award. Tim began his career with Webb in 1991 as a truck driver in their building materials division in Heflin, then moved to the ready mix division in 1994 to drive a mixer at the Oxford plant. He has accumulated over 1,000,000 miles without an accident.

“Tim’s friendly personality and willingness to accommodate the customer is greatly appreciated by my crew,” said Scott McCord of McCord Construction, who submitted a letter of recommendation. “He has also stood out in many of our projects across the state. In my personal opinion, Tim would be irreplaceable as a truck driver and as the great person he is.”

Phillip Law of Law Concrete, in his letter of recommendation, stated if all people in the construction industry had Tim’s great attitude, the world would be a better place.

Proving that Tim is not only praised by Webb customers, 118 of Tim’s coworkers signed a letter of recommendation nominating Tim for the Lifetime Achievement Award.

For winning the 2020 Lifetime Achievement Award, Tim received a $1,000 check and a Mack Die Cast Trophy to display at his home.

Thank you, Tim, for your 29 years of hard work and providing a positive image for the concrete industry on a daily basis.

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