Ready Mix Plants Must Apply by June 1, 2012 for New Permit

The current general permit ALG 110000 associated with water discharge at ready mix operations is set to expire August 31st, 2012. On March 13th, ADEM sent out postcards notifying plants of the expiration date.

In order to qualify for the general permit, ready mix plants must submit the appropriate information to ADEM 90 days prior
(June 1st, 2012) to the starting period of the new permit. ADEM is in the process of finalizing the forms but hopes to have much of the information submitted for permitting done online.

The new permit mirrors the existing permit standards except for minor changes in limits associated with diesel fuel. The changes were required nationally by new EPA standards. As such, the permit will continue to have two categories for of ready mix plants. The categories are existing plants in place prior to September 1, 2007 and new plants constructed after the date.

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