New Hours of Service Law Effective September 1, 2015

During the 2015 Legislative Session, the association was successful in helping pass House Bill 298 which will increase the number of hours a commercial driver can drive when intrastate and hours on the clock per week. The new law forced the state to adopt the intrastate variance recognized by the FMSCA. The new law does not overwrite existing options, but only adds a third option should the company need extra hours for their drivers when intrastate. For ease of explanation, listed below is a comparison of the new HOS intrastate variance versus existing regulations. Some companies will continue to operate under the 100 air mile rule which will not be affected by the new law.


Increased HOS effective September  

Hours on Clock                                      15

Driving Hours                                         12

Hours on Clock Per Week              70 in 7 days

Off the Clock Time                            10 Hours after 15

Log Books                                             Required

Radius from Plant                               75 miles


Existing HOS

Hours on Clock                                          14

Driving Hours                                            11

Hours on Clock Per Week         60 hours in 7 days or 70 hours in 8 days

OFf the Clock Time                        10 hours after 14

Log books                                                Required

Radius from Plant                             Not applicable


Additional requirements if new rule is followed:

  • All motor carries operating under this variance as set for in this act must have a “satisfactory” safety rating with FMSCA, or be “unrated”. Motor carriers with “conditional” or “unsatisfactory” FMSCA safety ratings are prohibited from using this exemption.
  • Intrastate Variance will be based on previous seven days, therefore driver must have log book for previous 7 days if checked for enforcement.

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