Joe McInnis Selected Government Official of the Year

The American Concrete Pavement Association SE presented their 2010 Government Official of the Year Award to Joe McInnis on January 28, 2011. The presentation was made by David Nooney of R.E. Grills Construction at the ACIA Business Meeting. Mr. McInnis served as Governor Bob Riley’s Transportation Director for the past eight years. During his term, McInnis was able to end the court ordered consent decree that cost the state over $250 million dollars. He will also be remembered for fundamentally changing the culture of ALDOT with the sweeping ethical changes outlined in his red book.

The concrete industry will widely remember Mr. McInnis for letting the first concrete pavement jobs in 25 years. During his second term, Mr. McInnis selected concrete for the repair and replacement of a section of I-59 in North East Alabama, and on I-65 in Birmingham.

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