Help for Storm Victims in the Concrete Industry

Last week’s storms brought great losses in lives and property across the state. Included in these numbers were several families employed in the concrete industry. Three employees from Bama Concrete, two employees from National Cement, and one employee of Kirkpatrick Concrete lost their residences and most all their possessions in the storms.

To help them get back on their feet, we ask that you join the association in contributing financially to meet their immediate needs or through in kind contributions when they rebuild.

Meet Immediate Needs Through Financial Contributions

We would like to help them initially by providing resources to purchase the basic items they need to live and work in their temporary housing. The association is partnering with Joe Kelley’s church, Full Gospel Tabernacle in Sylacauga to accept donations. The church will accept responsibility of determining how the funds are spent, but welcome our input on helping these displaced families.

Full Gospel Tabernacle
Attention: Penny Rogers-Secretary
470 Wildberry Lane
Sylacauga, Al 35151

Material Contributions When Homes are Rebuilt

We would like to assist the families in rebuilding more fortified homes out of concrete and masonry when they are ready to start over. If you would like to provide materials, please let the association know of your interest by contacting John Sorrell.
We recognize many of you have already given, but we would appreciate your consideration.

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