Goat Hill Report- Week Ending Jan. 19

The Alabama Legislature, like most of the state last week, was turned upside down by the winter weather. Both Chambers left early on Tuesday and all committee meetings were cancelled on Wednesday. The House and Senate did return on Thursday for committee meetings and shorter than typical meeting days.

SB 130 by Senator Tripp Pittman was easily the hottest topic of the week in the legislature. SB 130 would grandfather in online retailers enrolled in the simplified sellers use tax even if they buy a brick and mortar store in the state. Amazon’s purchase of WholeFoods would be a retailer affected. Municipalities are opposed to the legislation, while counties support the legislation as the best way to divide the sales tax. The bill was in committee this week, but the committee carried the legislation over.

Bills of Interest to the Concrete Industry

by Senator Gerald Dial would create the Alabama Road and Bridge Rehabilitation and Improvement Authority and permanently establish the ATRIP committee. The bill would also allow the state to bond up to 2.45 billion for road and bridge projects if the gas tax is increased. SB 86 cleared the Transportation and Energy Committee on Thursday.

The legislature reconvenes Jan. 23.

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