Goat Hill Report- Week ending April 26, 2019

The Alabama legislature met for the 12th and 13th day of the legislative session last week. They have now used almost half of the possible 30 days this session. The House passed the General Fund Budget and the Senate is expected to begin addressing the ETF this week. Passing of the budgets is one of the primary responsibilities of the legislature and in some years the job has been daunting with Alabama’s slow growth economy. However, this year both budgets are in good financial shape, which could allow the session to end early.

Lottery Legislation Dominates Week

If you followed the headlines, the lottery legislation by Senator Albritton dominated the legislature last week. Senator Albritton’s bill would create a paper lottery game in Alabama, similar to our contiguous states. Proponents of the bill argue that it is the cleanest form of a lottery since it does not attempt to address gambling facilities around the state, such as Green and Macon County, in a single piece of legislation. Opponents argue the legislation provides a monopoly to Poarch Creek facilities and ignores the existing facilities that provide jobs in the depressed areas. The bill passed the Senate 21-12 last week and now moves onto the House. The current legislation will provide an estimated $160 million to the state. If the House passes the legislation, it would go to the people for a vote in 2020.

Issues of Importance to the Concrete Industry

Senate Bill 318 by Senator Donnie Chesteen would allow 18-year-old drivers to apply for a Class A CDL for use in intrastate only applications. Currently, 18-year-olds can apply for a Class B CDL but the Class A CDL is the preferred license for commercial drivers. Forty-eight other states already allow 18-year-olds to receive an intrastate Class A CDL. With the ongoing driver shortage in the state, the legislation could help recruit more people into securing a commercial driver’s license. The association supports this

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