Goat Hill Report Week Ending March 24, 2015

goat-head-newsConcrete Industry Legislation Introduced

Last week saw the introduction of House Bill 298 and Senate Bill 266. The bills would allow greater flexibility for the ready mix industry by adding an extra hour of drive time a day and ten hours of on the clock time in a week for truck drivers who operate intrastate.

(The legislation will allow 12 hours of drive time in a 16 hour day versus the current 11 hours in a 14 hour day. The legislation will also allow 70 hours of on the clock time in 7 days or 80 hours in 8 days versus the current 60 hours in 7 days or 70 hours in 8 days.)

This legislation is the top legislative priority for the association and we need your help to get this legislation passed.

On Wednesday, April 1st, 2015, House Bill 298 will appear before the House Transportation Committee. The Trial Lawyers Association has called for a public hearing on the legislation.

If you have a plant in one of the Representatives’ districts listed below we encourage you to call and ask for their support. A call from the district is the strongest method to gain support from a legislator.

Key points to mention
– Passage of the bill would not jeopardize Federal Funding as the requested variances are allowed by the Federal Motors Safety Carrier Administration.
– 21 states have adopted similar variances provided by the bill.
– Alabama already grants HOS variances to all farm trucks.
– Passage of the bill would assist all intrastate drivers but would provide much needed flexibility for a construction industry that is still fighting challenging economic times.
– Passage of the bill would allow all intrastate drivers greater flexibility by increasing drive time from 11 hours to 12 hours in a day.
– Passage of the bill would increase on the clock time from 60 hours in 7 days to 70 hours in 7 days or 80 hours in 8 days.

Contact Info for Transportation Committee Members

Lynn Greer – District 2 – Limestone County, Lauderdale County – 256-247-5059 – greerllc@bellsouth.net

Joe Faust – District 94 – Baldwin County – 251-990-4615- jfaust@baldwincountyal.gov

George Bandy – District 83 – Russell County, Lee County – 334-749-0051

Will Ainsworth – District 27 – Marshall County, Blount County, DeKalb County – 334-242-7600 – will.ainsworth@alhouse.gov

Napoleon Bracy – District 98 – Mobile County – 251-208-5480

Barbara Drummond – District 103 – Mobile County – 334-242-7600

Victor Gaston – District 100 – Mobile County – 251-639-2555- hvgaston04@yahoo.com

Dexter Grimsley – District 85 – Houston County, Henry County – 334-889-0602- wlmdex@hotmail.com

Nathaniel Ledbetter – District 24 – DeKalb County – 256-638-6397- nathaniel.ledbetter@alhouse.gov

Phillip Pettus – District 1 – Lauderdale County – 256-757-6679- phillip.pettus@alhouse.gov

Chris Sells – District 90 – Butler County, Coffee County, Conecuh County, Crenshaw County – 334-371-9304- csea@centurytel.net

Kyle South – District 16- Tuscaloosa County, Lamar County, Fayette County, Jefferson County – 205-932-4700 ext. 101- ksouth@watvc.com

Margie Wilcox – District 104 – Mobile County – 334-242-7600 – margie.wilcox@alhouse.gov

Other Bills of Interest from Previous Weeks

House Bill 275 by Representative Mark Tuggle, (R) Alexander City would allow a construction manager at risk option for publically funding projects in the state and create a design build mechanism on state projects.

House Bill 275 had a public hearing last week. The bill received heavy pushback during the public hearing and was carried over for a future vote.

House Bill 268 by Representative Steve Clouse would increase the sales tax on trucks from 2% to 3%. The bill did not see any movement last week.

The Alabama Legislature is on Spring Break this week. They will reconvene on March 30th, 2015. This will be the 9th meeting day of the 30 allowed by laws.

If you have any questions about this report, please contact the ACIA office.

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