Goat Hill Report- Week Ending March 22, 2019

March 22, 2019

The Alabama Legislature returned to the regular session last week following the five day special session to address the Rebuild Alabama Act. The legislature met for three days this week instead of the typical two days and one committee day. In the Senate, 91 new bills were introduced while in the House, 133 proposed bills were dropped in the basket.

Two bills dominated the headlines last week. The first was Senate Bill 22 by President Pro Tem Del Marsh, which allows for a tax refund check-off to be contributed to help fund the building of a wall on the Southern Border. The second was Senate Bill 119, also by Sen. Marsh, which would repeal the Common Core curriculum in Alabama. An amendment was added to Senate Bill 119 on the floor that postpones the repeal for two years to allow the Education Department to develop a new curriculum. Both bills passed the upper chamber and are now awaiting action in the House committee.

Bills of interest to the Concrete Industry

Senator Tom Whatley of Auburn introduced Senate Bill 158 last week to create a tax credit for homeowners who add a saferoom to their home or for a joint saferoom added in a multi-family housing development. The credit would be spread out over three years with a cap of $6,000 on a single family home and $25,000 on a multi-family home. Senator Whatley is originally from the Beauregard area which was decimated by the tornado this month. Senate Bill 158 has been assigned to the Senate Finance and Taxation Education Committee as the tax credit would reduce the Education Fund. The ACIA fully supports this bill.

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