Goat Hill Report Week Ending March 18, 2016

Concrete Truck Weight House Bill Clears Senate Committee

The association’s top legislative priority for 2016, House Bill 88 by Representative Barry Moore cleared the Senate Transportation and Energy Committee Thursday am with a vote of 10 – 0. The legislation now moves to the full Senate for final approval. Your assistance is needed. Please email your Senator using the information below and ask that they support House Bill 88 and the companion bill Senate Bill 77 by Senator Gerald Dial. Please mention both bills when you email them. The reason you should ask for their support on HB 88 and SB 77 is there is a possibility the Senate could bring up Senate Bill 77 and then substitute House Bill 88 on the floor. SB77 and HB88 will allow concrete trucks with a fourth axle to weigh up to 82,500 pounds without having to meet a per axle max of 22,000 pounds. House Bill 88 passed the House with a vote of

Gasoline Tax to Improve Alabama Roads and Bridges Ready for House Consideration

A bill that would immediately raise taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel in Alabama by six cents per gallon and benchmark those taxes every four years to the average tax in the four states bordering Alabama is on its way to the House for consideration. The automatic adjustments would end in 2027. Representative Mac McCutcheon, R-Huntsville, introduced HB394 on Tuesday, and the House Transportation, Utilities and Infrastructure Committee approved the bill on a voice vote Thursday morning.

“We are facing issues with our infrastructure that will become a crisis if we don’t do something,” McCutcheon told the committee, referencing the American Society of Civil Engineers rating of nearly half the highways in our state as fair, poor or very poor. The states’ roads received a D+ grade, while the state’s bridges got a C- in the ASCE 2015 Report Card for Alabama’s Infrastructure. The committee also approved SB180 by Senator Gerald Dial, R-Lineville, which ensures revenue generated by McCutcheon’s bill will be spent on roads and bridges. The Alabama Department of Transportation, counties and municipalities would be required to use funds on road and bridge projects and not on salaries or administrative expenses. The Transportation Department also would be required to announce annual projects and post quarterly progress reports on its website. Both bills are ready for House consideration. The sponsors expect the House will consider the bills the first full week of April.

Please contact your House member and ask that they support HB394 by Representative Mac McCutcheon and SB180 by Senator Gerald Dial. You are also encouraged to attend the Drive in Tomorrow in Montgomery beginning at 11 am. For additional information, please contact the ACIA office.

800 Million Dollar Mega Prison Legislation Clears Senate Committee

SB287 by Senator Trip Pittman cleared the Finance and Taxation General Fund on Wednesday by a vote of 15-1. The legislation would allow the state to borrow 800 million dollars to fund 4 mega prisons around the state. Representatives from architectural, engineering, and construction firms have lobbied extensively to amend the legislation. As written the legislation would allow the state to enter into a design build agreement with mega prison construction firms to design and build the facilities. The opposing groups argue the legislation will likely lock out Alabama firms. Proponents of the legislation argue contracting with design build prison specialist is the only method to insure the prisons are built in a timely fashion and at a reduced cost.

The legislature will reconvene on Tuesday March 22, 2016. For any questions, please contact the ACIA office at 334.265.0501.



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