Goat Hill Report- Week Ending Jan. 26

Monday’s vote to reopen the Federal Government made all Alabama legislators breathe a sigh of relief before reconvening Tuesday afternoon. The reopening included a provision to fund the CHIP Program, which provides insurance coverage to 84,000 children, for seven years. Otherwise, members of the Alabama legislature would have been forced to find $50-$60million to fund the program.

Without federal funds, Alabama would have been in a financial bind, and the money would have been pulled from the General Fund. While the General Fund appears in better shape this year, finding $60 million dollars would have been a tremendous problem. General Fund Budget Chairman Steve Clouse (R) seemed to be pleased when discussing the issue Tuesday morning.

Bills Effecting the Concrete Industry

Senate Bill 89, by Senator Arthur Orr, would allow for county commissions to call for a referendum to raise gasoline or diesel taxes by $.05 in a county. Under current state law, county commissions must have legislative approval before placing a referendum on the ballot. The legislation was referred to the Transportation and Energy Committee and is scheduled to be on the agenda Wednesday, January 31st.

The legislature will reconvene for the 7th legislative day of a possible 30 on Tuesday, January 30th, 2018. Should you have any questions about this report, please contact our office.

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