Goat Hill Report Week Ending Feb. 2nd

The two hot button issues in the Alabama legislature last week were Uber and church daycares. For the past several years, the legislature has attempted to establish regulations for ride sharing providers such as Uber and Lyft.

House Bill 190 by Representative David Faulkner would create a state wide system for ride sharing instead of the groups being forced to negotiate with every municipality. Municipalities have been opposed in the past based on fear of losing oversight.

On Tuesday, the House began debating HB 190 and things quickly bogged down after anti-discrimination language was removed. After several hours of debate, a solution was found by adding back language from Title 7 of the Civil Rights Act. HB 190 eventually passed 97-3. The Senate has already passed a version of the bill.

Church Daycares

On Thursday, the House took up House Bill 76 by Representative Pebblin Warren.  The bill would provide more regulation for church affiliated daycares. Similar legislation made it right to the finish line last year but died at the end. Currently church daycares are not held to the same reporting standards as day cares not associated with a religious institution.

Bills of Interest to Concrete Industry

by Senator Arthur Orr cleared the Senate Transportation and Energy Committee last week by a vote of 8-0. SB 89 would allow counties to offer a county referendum on a gasoline and diesel tax increase without approval of the legislature as currently required. SB 89 could be consider by the full Senate chamber this week.

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