Goat Hill Report-Special Session Update

The Alabama Legislature met for the second day of the special session yesterday. In the House, the Transportation Committee approved House Bill 1 – the Accountability Act, House Bill 2 – the proposed gas tax, and House Bill 3 – bonding capability for the port of Mobile dredging. Together the bills are commonly referred to as Rebuild Alabama. In the Senate, SB2-the Senate version of the Accountability Act , cleared yesterday. All four bills cleared the committee with zero no votes.

The bills now move to the full bodies for consideration today. Using a baseball analogy, the Rebuild Alabama program is now on first base. In the full bodies, you will see numerous attempts to add amendments to the bills. Which one of those amendments actually sticks is nothing but a guess. I would not be shocked to see the House debate the bills all day and maybe even tomorrow before a vote is taken. The Senate is more or less in a holding pattern until HB2, the revenue portion moves to the upper chamber. The Senate will consider SB2 today and two minor bills, but the real meat and potatoes to the special session is the revenue bill. The House convenes today at 10am at the Senate at 1pm.

As of right now, things look positive for a passage of the gas tax but we do not want to count the chickens before they hatch. You are encouraged to contact your House and Senate member to urge them to vote yes on the gas tax.

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