Bill Moore receives 2016 Chairman’s Award

At the Alabama Concrete Industries Association’s Annual Business Meeting held in January, Bill Moore received the 2016 Chairman’s Award for his outstanding career and leadership in the concrete industry.

Bill MooreBill Moore Award

Bill Moore was born in July 1950. He was one of four sons born to his mother Lina, a civil service employee, and Herman, a life time member of the Air Force. Like most children of air force fathers, Bill moved frequently throughout his childhood. Bill spent time in Delaware, North Carolina, Japan and Tennessee. After graduating high school, Bill enrolled in Middle Tennessee State University and went onto graduate with a degree in business.

Looking for a job following college, Bill accepted an offer selling soap powder for the Colgate Company. Bill worked for Colgate until 1973, when was offered a job selling construction products for Enco Materials. During his time with Enco, Bill cut his teeth in the construction industry and made a determination that he had found the field he would like to make a living. During the same time, Bill began dating his future wife Pat. In 1978, Bill made the best sale of his life when he convinced Pat to marry him.

Bill quickly moved up the ladder with Enco, and in 1980 was offered a position at the newly opened Huntsville office. Three years later, Bill was ready for a new challenge in life and decided to open a ready mix company in Huntsville with 2 partners. Bill quickly learned the ready mix business and was doing well, but the group made the decision to sell the company to Sequatchie Concrete.   The Thomas family asked Bill to stay with the company and assist in running the operation.

In 1988, Tom Holton with Sherman Industries recognized Bill’s leadership and asked him to join Sherman to run the Huntsville operation. In this new role, Sherman became a market leader in the ready mix and block market in Huntsville.

For the next twelve years, Bill successfully led Sherman’s north Alabama operations. However, in 2000, the leadership of Sherman made the decision to bring Bill to Birmingham to run the company’s largest market. Just as he had done in Huntsville, Bill thrived at his new location and began taking on more and more responsibility.

In 2008, the top position of Sherman opened up and Bill was selected by Lehigh Cement to serve as the company’s Vice President and General Manager. As the new VP, Bill led the company through some of the most challenging economic times the country has ever experienced. While many companies around the country failed, Bill’s leadership skills allowed the company to endure and survive the stressful times.

Congratulations to our 2016 Chairman Award winner, Bill Moore.


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