Bayou Concrete receives 2020 Safety Award

The Alabama Concrete Industries Association is proud to award Bayou Concrete with the 2020 Safety Award. The award was developed in 2019 to recognize member companies who excel in the implementation of safety protocols.

When it comes to safety, Bayou leaves no stone unturned. The leadership of the company takes the safety of the employees to heart. Safety is viewed as an investment, and its leaders empower each employee to make a difference.  This can only be achieved through clear communication measures and with annual safety meetings with all employees.

Each mixer truck is also equipped with Drivecam to help identify any harmful habits and give a chance to coach the individual driver before an accident occurs.

Should an accident occur, there are written procedures for thoroughly investigating each accident to ensure that we are doing everything we can to prevent it from occurring again.

The company has invested in ladder less trucks and automatic washdown systems in some areas to reduce climbing when possible.  The trucks are now being specified with roll stability to help prevent rollovers and going to automatic transmissions to reduce wear on the driver.  The number and severity of accidents has been significantly reduced.

“They seem to have elevated their standards and have made recent investments in equipment and technology that promotes employee safety,” said one of our judges. “They were the clear winner.” 

Congratulations, Bayou Concrete!

About the Safety Award:

The ACIA Safety Award acknowledges both a Corporate Safety category and an Individual success category. The Corporate Safety Award recognizes a company’s overall safety policy and all aspects of ready mixed operations. The Individual Safety Award is presented to a person whose single action or long-time commitment to safety and health in the ready mixed concrete industry exemplifies superior performance in the field of safety.

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