ALDOT allows Site Gauges for Water Addition beginning September 1

Effective September  1, 2016 ALDOT is changing their procedure for the addition of water into the back of the ready mix aldot logotruck. Ready mix producers will now be able to add water through the use of the sight gauge or by the previously approved inline water meter.

Producers will no longer be able to add water to the drum through calibrated five- gallon buckets. The association has requested this change for the past several years due to the liability of taking a filled five-gallon bucket up a ladder and the high cost of the fragile in line water meters. The inline water meters were running the membership between $200 – $800 per truck, and were being replaced every year.

Members who choose to use the sight gauge must have their truck NRMCA certified and must display the truck certification decal on the vehicle. The ACIA would like to thank the ALDOT Material and Tests Department for assisting the industry in making the change. The change will save the industry in excess of $100,000 per year.

To view the new spec, click here.


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