ACIA Works with ALDOT to Increase Yardages for Bridgemasters

In June, the Alabama Concrete Association was successful in working with the Alabama Department of Transportationbridgemaster truck (ALDOT) to increase the yardage a concrete truck featuring a bridgemaster could deliver to an ALDOT project. Under the new regulations, bridgemaster trucks are now able to deliver 8.5 yards instead of the previous 7.5 yards.

Based on testing by member companies and ALDOT, 8.5 yards maximized the average truck’s weight while still meeting the bridge formula for maximum weight of 66,000 pounds at 36 feet on the interstate system. The allowance of 8.5 yards will cover most trucks, but if your company has a vehicle that you believe could haul additional yardage, please contact the association.

The ACIA is working with ALDOT to develop a system to address older trucks which have a lighter empty weight due to more lenient emissions requirements in the past.

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