ICF Panel Presentation given at Birmingham AIA Meeting

On Tuesday, March 20th, the Alabama Concrete Industries Association sponsored the monthly meeting of the Birmingham Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). Michael Cleary, CEO of ICF Panels based in New York, spoke to more than 70 architects at the Cahaba Brewery.

Available under several different brand names, ICF is an acronym for Insulated Concrete Form, which consist of two rigid EPS foam panels which sandwich a core of reinforced concrete. The steel reinforced concrete provides exceptional strength and thermal mass; the foam provides a continuous layer of one of the world’s best insulators, and is an ideal substrate for many finishes.

The final result is a building that is energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and virtually indestructible. The construction method offers a host of benefits, such as faster construction times, lower insurance rates, and quieter interiors, but the two primary reasons behind their growth is their remarkable durability and energy efficiency.

The presentation covered several topics including the basic design criteria and construction elements of commercial and institutional buildings built with ICFs, demonstrating and recognizing the energy efficiency characteristics and economic benefits of building with ICFs, understanding the contribution concrete makes to a building’s resilience to natural disasters, and identifying ways that ICF concrete construction can  contribute to efficiencies during the on-site construction phase of the project.

Cleary also discussed the cost-saving benefits of ICFs, and how savings of up to $70k are being seen on operation expenses when comparing wood frames to ICFs.

The Birmingham Chapter of AIA meets monthly, and provides 1 HSW.

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