Published April 25, 2016 |

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Increased Concrete Truck Weight Bill on Governor’s Deskgoat-head-news

The association’s top priority for the session, HB 88 which will allow a four axle ready mix truck to weigh 82,500 regardless of individual axle weight is on the Governor’s desk. The Governor is expected to sign the legislation tomorrow. We would like to thank Representative Barry Moore who carried the bill in the House and Senator Gerald Dial who carried the legislation in the Senate. The legislation will become effective the first day of the third month following the Governor’s signing.

To view the new law, please click HERE –

Please Call Your Representative for Support of SB287 and HB394

The Alabama House is likely to consider this week two bills of great importance to the concrete industry. The first is SB287 by Senator Trip Pittman. SB287 would allow the state to borrow $800 million to construct 4 mega prisons around the state. Construction of the prisons would require huge quantities of ready mix and concrete masonry. The legislation has passed the Senate and is awaiting final approval in the House.

HB394 by Representative Mac McCutcheon which would raise much needed revenue for ALDOT through a $.06 tax increase on diesel and gasoline. HB394 is awaiting final passage in the House before moving to the Senate. Listed at the end of this report is contact information for the House members.

Please call your House member and ask that they support SB287 and HB394.

The Alabama Legislature will resume on Tuesday, April 26th. They are expected to meet three days this week. There are only 5 meeting days left this session. If you have any questions, please call the ACIA Office.


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